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1. Silva Life System Seminar (Application Form)          
2. Silva Intuition System Seminar (Application Form)
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How did you learn about the Silva Method?
Check any or all benefits you'd most like to gain from the Silva Method Course
Learn to relax Set and achieve goals Learn creative problem solving
Improve health Salesmanship Find your life's work
Overcome insomnia Stop headaches Develop a positive attitude
Reduce stress Find your soulmate Improve memory and concentration
Reduce weight Eliminate non-productive habits Change limiting beliefs
Stop smoking Free yourself from worry Improve personal relationships
Develop confidence Create prosperity Awaken intuition & creativity
Have you been treated for :
Mental Disorder Seizure Disorder Fainting Spells
If you are or have ever been under a doctor's care for the above conditions, you can attend the seminar ONLY with the express written permission of your doctor.

Once you've decided to attend, press the submit button above. Next, print the form using the"print" button on your browser and mail it to me with payment to the address below or you can make payment through PayPal, SilvaMethodNJ@verizon.net. Keep in mind that I have to reserve the presentation space with sufficient advance notice, one year, prior to the seminar, therefore your committment to your attendance is important. Thank you very much.
Mail Payment to:

Alice M. Konyves, CSMI, CI, ACH, CM.NLP
671 Ward Avenue
Westwood, New Jersey 07675

201 664-0118

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