1 Silva Method of New Jersey and Alice Konyves, CSMI Welcomes you to The Silva Method of New Jersey and the Greater New York Area
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SILVA METHOD of NEW JERSEY and of the Greater New York Metropolitan Area

Alice Konyves: CSMI, CI, ACH, CM.NLP
Certified Silva Method Instructor

Certified Instructor-Hypnosis
Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotist
Certified Master.Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Alice Konyves is an Authorized Affiliate of Silva Method International, Inc., with a practice in Westwood, New Jersey. She has extensive experience with a number of personal growth and spiritual practices and experiences.



Welcome to The Silva Method of New Jersey in
the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

This is your first step in a life-enriching journey with the original mind, body and spirit program of Jose Silva, the Founder. The Silva Method is about "your own" Mind Development and Motivational Training.The Silva Method is for "everyone," no matter where you are in your life physically, mentally or spiritually. There is no age barrier and it is for both men and women.

Through The Silva Method, you can learn from the same scientifically based and spiritually driven program which millions of people worldwide have used to enhance and improve their lives for nearly four decades. Each graduate takes something different from the program, as each individual is amazing and unique. The Silva Method teaches the ability to center within the harmonious flow of life - to acknowledge, accept, and/or conquer any situation or thought.

Unlike any other program, The Silva Method teaches you to look deep within yourself to discover the person you wish to be. You can crystallize the purpose of your life through setting and achieving your goals.

Congratulations on taking the first step to a better and better you. The Silva Method can teach you to truly live life at your level!

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Silva Method : Live life at your level
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